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Technidyne - the Industry's Source of Calibration Standards

Good measurements require accurate calibration.  Your instrument uses standardized test methods, but your results are only as good as the accuracy of its calibration.  You already made the big investment in instrumentation.  Now take the obvious next step and support that decision with the highest quality calibration standards.

Technidyne understands calibration  Our store is the pulp and paper industry's online source of calibration standards.  Technidyne provides subscription standards, permanent standards and standard recertification’s for whatever your calibration needs are.  Meeting ISO, TAPPI, ASTM and rigorous global paper industry standards and methods, Technidyne quality calibration standards can be counted on to be accurate and precise.  Each calibration standard comes with traceability documentation to support your quality program.  It’s true, all good measurements begin with a quality calibration standard.  Technidyne is ready to be your quality calibration standards partner.